Offener "Digital Leadership"-Workshop in Hamburg

Von Christiane Brandes-Visbeck


Heute feiert das betahaus Hamburg seinen 6. Geburtstag. Als "happy birthday to us" veranstalten sie gerade ein Festival mit meinem Hack-the-betahaus-Day, gefolgt von der feierlichen Eröffnung der betahaus |Academy und einer glitzernden Party.


Als Quartiersleiterin der Hamburger Digital Media Women und Academy-Referentin werde ich später einen Lightning Talk geben und darin meinen neuen Workshop ankündigen. So oder so ähnlich wird mein Beitrag im Wortlaut klingen: 


Hi everyone, especially Deva, Julia and Robert!


First of all: Congrats! You made it to your 6th birthday. Considering all the ups and downs over the years that is an amazing achievement to start off with. To us Digital Media Women, especially for our founding team, you have been true partners all the time. Thanks for that.

Now we have lifted our ongoing partnership on a new level. The #DMW Academy and betahaus | Academy are partners in many practical ways: We support and announce each other’s workshops; we give special rates to each of our members and exchange practical tips on how to run an academy. Hooray to Anke from the #DMW Hamburg team and Deva from betahaus Hamburg!

Our #DMW Academy has been around for quite some time. But it really got a boost when Anke – a #DMW volunteer and my Deputy Quartiersleiterin – took it over and formed it to the professional institution that it is today.

I was fortunate enough to present one of the first workshops in this new era. In early 2015 we invited interested digital minds to think about “Digital Leadership”. The workshop was centered around the questions: Am I a potential leader? Do I want to be one? Do I own all the leadership qualities needed? And last not least: How do we become Digital Leaders?

Since that day many things have developed round that topic. The digital transformation speeds up. It will sooner or later reach all branches and every person in the workforce and at home. Dramatic changes are expected: Robots as colleagues, huge layoffs, hyper connection and transparency everywhere. Perhaps all this will cause social uproar, because people will find it difficult to live in that way or to make ends meet.

To conduct the Digital Revolution we will need strong and bold people all over the world with compassion, smart thinking, empathy and the willingness to face and architect the future. But where are they? By today, I consult companies, coach leaders and signed a book contract with Campus Verlag about the digital transformation and how to create your own future as a Digital Leader. A Digital Leader should be everyone, not only the bosses of today.


Perhaps you can imagine how it must feel to people working in an old-school company, when all the guiding business models, value chains, organizational structures, production processes, cultural rules and communication habits are in question. To avoid avid fear, headless actions and showy-only activities, we need a plan about how to create our future. EVERYONE OF US!


Therefore I am delighted to conduct a betahaus / #DMW workshop on „Create Your Future With Digital Leadership“! We will not so much focus on the technology aspect, but on the mindset needed to master the changes due to the digital revolution. It’s all about the word we want to work in, about mindful and effective communication, about self-organized and entrepreneurial co-working. During this session you will hear inspirational input, listen to some knowledge transfer and have lots of space to work on your own Digital Leadership Canvas – your personal roadmap to become the person that will adapt to the new world and create it at the same time.

We have scheduled my second open Digital Leadership Workshop for Saturday, October 8th at betahaus Hamburg. Further information will be released asap.


So, feel invited to spend a day with me thinking about and developing your own Digital Leadership Strategy. Because – if you won’t create your future, someone else will do it for you!


Update vom 12.09.2016

Den "Digital Leadership"-Workshop haben wir aus Zeitgründen auf Anfang 2017 verschoben. 

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